You’re No Good

New! Hank Williams Jr Cover

Del Shannon cover

This week’s new song/video (2/52) is a cover of Del Shannon’s “Keep Searchin’”.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Happy New Year

The Extreme Unicorns take New Year’s Resolutions pretty seriously, and our resolution this year was to release one new song/video per week. Here’s number 1!


Merry Xmas

Two new songs and videos for your viewing pleasure. It’s a Christmas miracle!



Merch attack!

New Extreme zebra print tees are available in the merch shop. They’re fuzzy! That’s right, FUZZY.

To The Extreme EP

The new EP is here, featuring 4 original songs by The Extreme Unicorns! It’s TO THE EXTREME.

Ocupado – new music video!

Check out the new video for the first song on the To The Extreme EP, “Occupy”.

Sometimes dead is better.

Our newest offering:

Trick or Treat

Just in time for Halloween, the newest Extreme Unicorns merch is here! Rad anatomically correct ribcage shirts. And the awesome doesn’t stop there- these skeletons glow in the dark!